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For Mom

Far-infrared Table Heater for One

- Super electricity-saving heater for one -

For Mom eco-1000

  1. Far-infrared table heater for one person with high spatial utilization and low power consumption
  2. Super power-savings with 100W of power consumption
  3. Excellent heating effect for knees or legs as the heater can be attached under the desk (table).
  4. Can be used without restriction in the installation space

Spatial utilization is high under the table  

Quadruple high temperature safety interruption sensor installed

5-hour daily timer

Auto power supply cut-off device  

Interruption of electromagnetic wave

110W of low power

Product name

For Mom Eco-1000 (Table heater for one person)

550(W) × 430(H) × 20(D)mm




220V 60Hz
Power consumption
Product composition
Heater, power cable, acrylic angled bracket to attach the heater to the table, screws to fix the heater to the table


+ Attachable to Various Desks and Tables 

01.  Attachable to the top part of a desk

Work efficiency and learning efficiency improve as the heater can be used at a desk and a table

02. Attachable to the lower part of a desk

Safe because the risk of getting burnt is small unlike other general heaters. The product can be attached conveniently with double-sided tape or screws.

03. Attachable to the side of a desk

Economical with innovative low power consumption
(110wh, 27kw monthly in case of using 8 hours a day
 (krw 2500))

+ How to Attach “For Mom”

With screws - Attachment to four places with the enclosed screws

Remove the double-sided tape attached to the "ㄱ" shaped angle bracket 

Attach the angled bracket to the side of the heater. 

Attach the heater under the desk (table) by removing the double-sided tape at the top part of the angled bracket. 

Attached heater 

Good news for people who have cold knees and legs in cold offices and at home.
Spatial utilization is high with the heater attached under the table or desk,
and the heater can be safely used with the safe interruption timer.

+ How to Use 


Put the “8-shaped” power plug into the connector,
and then plug it into the outlet.


Turn on the power switch.


Check whether the power LED is on
(It cuts off after 5 hours, and it blinks 30 minutes before it turns off).

+ Optional: Heater curtain – a big gun for heat

Whole appearance

Convenient installation with velcro

Thermal preservation effect

View of the inside

Super electricity-saving heater for one

Good news for people who have cold knees and legs in cold offices and at home. 

+ Safety of a Warm heart, “For Mom”

High temperature safety sensor

If the heater becomes overheated, the power cuts off automatically with the use of the double overheat safety device.

Auto power cut-off after 5 hours Max. 

Because the power is automatically cut off after 5 hours, unnecessary power consumption is prevented.

Electrical safety standard and electromagnetic wave certification

Passed the electrical safety screening and electromagnetic wave screening of the Korean safety standards

KC Electrical Safety Certification
/KC Electromagnetic Wave Certification 

For the study rooms of our children
people whose hands and feet are cold at home
and for the control of reading rooms, 
private academies, and parking lots 

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