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will dedicate ourselves to R&D to reduce the burden of electricity bills and pursue a more convenient and happier life by manufacturing far-infrared heaters with high spatial utilization and low power consumption. 

We will also do our very best to enhance the quality of our product based on customer safety-focused philosophy. 


 always takes on challenges  and is innovative in offering world  class products and services. We have showcased new products and services while pursuing future leading and continuous core innovation values for the happiness of people and the advancement of society.

We have a calling that means we are pioneers in new and necessary areas that nobody has ever tried or been willing to try before. Ecostar is even now steadily preparing step-by-step for a better future for mankind.

Ecostar will  strive to develop innovative products and services placing a higher priority on customers and markets. 

 Ecostar’s challenge will be to continue to create new values and amazing experiences.

Through vigorous R&D, all our employees have been putting strict quality management into practice to ensure technological competitiveness and the reliability and high quality of our products.

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