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Cold Air Machine Having Improved cold air Efficiency

01.  Convenience

Put a frozen plastic bottle and a cup of water and seal it. It's ready.

02. Excellent cold air effect.

The cold air effect of 500ml plastic bottle is 7℃ lower than the room temperature.

03. Easy to use.

The air volume can be adjusted in three stages, and the room temperature and cold air temperature are displayed at the same time, so you can visually experience the cold air effect.

The 500ml PET bottle, which is easy to obtain and easy to freeze due to the cold wind effect due to the

 temperature difference of -4℃, is very active in 3 hours of use!

NameCooling SystemCharacteristicsCooling ability
The existing cold air fan.

Vaporization cooling.

(Cooling the filter soaked in water by the wind)

A method of lowering the temperature by dispersing moisture in the air.  
All currently commercially available cooling fans use evaporative cooling.
3°C (based on 1 person) than room temperature.
 (In Korea, where humidity is high, the efficiency is low)
Our technology is a very small cold air fan.Aluminum heat dissipation cooling.The cooling technology used for the purpose of heat dissipation of electronic components was developed with a cold wind structure as a reverse idea.7℃ or higher than room temperature (Generates dry cold air) 

The disadvantage of the existing cold air fan.

  • The regular air conditioner generates high humidity in summer due to vaporization cooling.
  • Cooling efficiency decreases due to vaporization cooling of water (3℃ temperature difference)
  • Since the water is stagnant, filters and water are likely to decay and harm your health.

Development of cooling fan

  • Using a 500ml plastic bottle that is easy to get and easy to freeze on the market (easy for the elderly living alone)
  • It creates a cooling effect of up to -7℃ over a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Although it is cumbersome to freeze 500ml of refrigerant separately in the freezer, the cooling efficiency increases significantly.
  • The use of air conditioning in a room alone is less efficient and requires small practices for global warming.

Reduced power consumption

A pleasant environment.

 Increase the efficiency of cold air per person.

This development product is the only product that can compensate for the shortcomings of the existing cold air conditioner and create cold air based on the principle of air conditioner wind.

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